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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cake Story - Meet the new baker!


Seriously m into baking cakes!  Plus, I've sent 1 order and there are more orders coming up...Teruja? Yes, VERY!!!  Well, since m not good in sewing (provided the whole family members except my dad know to how sew) I have emerged myself to do one of the wonders in my life aha...And thanks to deary who always supports me!

Yes, m the new cake baker...who bakes steamed cakes only ya at the moment.  I have tried to bake sweet corn cake, cheddar cheese cake, cream cheese cake, carrot cheese cake (my mum's fav) and chocolate moist cakes (most popular cake).  All cakes are made from fresh ingredients.  I just need to brush up my decorating cake skills lah. 

Anyways, today is our baby Tabitha @ Tabby 1 year old buffday...happy birthday from mama and papa...love u always...

Till then, will update more on this yer! Chow chow!


  1. I enjoy cakes too, but not baking...eating it! :-D

  2. tabitha?? Okay.. never knew that!

  3. Gallivanter: Ha! Yeap! :)
    Jacq: Yaaa...her full name is tabitha @ Tabby :)