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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Shoppa Cart

...the craziest and unavoidable thing for me.  Well, I like shopping and for me dat's the best therapy provided I know my limit to spend my ka-ching and my zsst zsst (cards) hehehe!

After having lunch at the famous Sinsuran Sanyuk Mian (pork mee), me and deary went to Walk-in shop and started to browse for their new products. Well yeah, sometimes you never know what can this kind of shops (cheap and average quality shop) offer you.  I bought stereo headphone with mic (yeyeye, can karaoke sendiri2 ni).  Actually, I've been eyeing for this product since last week but the price is costly plus it's not even original.  So, I decided to test this product first and the price is okay...

Taaadaa...! Now I can hear clearly my BB's songs

Not only dat, I also bought my super shiny bling pinky mini purse and also my new purrrple earring.  Hmm...so irresistible! Wakawakawaka!

Mini purse to keep my pendrives and wires for my hps and camera. 
 Can you spot the flower earring? Luv it!

So, do you shop today? If yes, dats nice and if no, tomorrow still can lor! LOL!

Till then, me chow chow!


  1. punya cute BB ko punya housing. Hot pink!

  2. hi kay...yaa...se pun suka...my fiance yg beli dari ebay byk colors and murah ni :)

  3. Hi Vera,
    Not sure you remember me but all of us (SMSM of year 1988-1992) remember you very well...hehehe

    Nice to see old girls from Stella Maris...we are looking more ex-stellarian...

  4. waaa... siok pula ko bershopping sana aaa..hahahaha...sya pun suuuuuuka shopping..:)

  5. Wyne ren:
    Hey ya, I think we related ni...are u from Kojuna's family? well, am from Jaikul's family and yeap from Papar + Tambunan hehehe...nice to get in touch again!

  6. stella o.k:
    yabah, siuk bah tu plus stimes ada barang yg sama kena jual di tempat lain dan harga pun mahal owh...just have to be smart buyer hehehe