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Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF and Tomorrow

Hmm, Friday always make my day because not only it's a last day of working, long lunch break and sometimes everyone is not really into work hehehehe....(like me). Talking about work, dulu - dulu memang ada masa mau relax tapi sekarang limited time already bah!
As we all aware, rain pours nowadays and it's super duper cold! With the aircond on again, possibilities - FRROOOZZZEEEN! :)
And tomorrow, acara merisik will be going at my house. Have to do cleaning by tonite and cooking tomorrow...the feeling? nervous and happy mixed together!
I pray tomorrow everything will go smoothly and well...yes....
My rings I bought from E-bay, 2007...and this only illustration and not my E-ring...
So, am continuing my work now and chow chow!

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