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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chocolates galore...

Who doesn't love it rite? Like me. I keep asking my colleague when is the next batch of Simply Chocolate is coming to our shop. It was 3 days ago. And finally, today they arrived! Yey! What flavors did I buy? It's my fave Mango Banana (simply delicious!) and first time trying Milk Truffle (not so bad). Other flavors that available are coconut, tropical fruits, mixed nuts, mango, Sabah Tea, Tenom Coffee, Dark Chocolates and many more. Just visit the Simply Chocolates outlet in Warisan Square and guarantee, it's a very sedap handmade Sabah's chocolates.

So, y wait? Get urs now! Chow chow from me! P/S: M finishing my Milk Truffle ody :)

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