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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Me and Yoga

I have been practicing Yoga since last month.  Feel excited every time I see friends' insta showing their abilities to perform yoga poses especially the handstand.  Very hard but nice and kewl!
Currently, am just doing the right poses according to my body weight... During my last visit to MPH, I was searching for this book Yoga for Big but it's unavailable :(  Maybe next time then...  So far my favourite poses are as below :)

I am feeling good after 30 minutes of yoga workout twice a week and looking forward to do more advanced poses...will see about it!



  1. sy kunun2 mau beryoga jg tp... ni budak2 pun sibuk ikut sy bertunggang langgang.. huhuhuhuh

  2. siok kan yoga sa suka stretch2 tu bdn

  3. Everyone seems to be doing yoga these days. I see a lot in FB and blogs hehee.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Bah gals apalagi jadi yogi kita :)
    Arms: Ko pun buli juga tu :)