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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Excuse Me, Lady Chef Here :)

This is a result from watching too much of cooking shows lately... and I can't deny they are actually worth to try.  Seriously!!!
And my current cooking/food channel is non other than the Asian Food (703) Astro Channel.  Boy, I learn a lot actually from this channel... From poultry, seafood to pastry... I think I did good job so far and as usual hubby will be the food critics... teda bias bias arrr :) 
Ok, let see some results from the above specially cooked by yours truly and all dishes are made from scratch esp the marinating part :)

a. Buttery herbs rice with special marinated deep fry prawns inspired by Chef Sher from 5 Rrrencah 5 Rrrasa :)

Use fresh prawn is da best!
 b. Deep fry chicken inspired by Chef Wan from Best of Wan.  This recipe is meant for Ayam Masak Merah but I prefer the frying one and used wings instead coz the ingredients for marinating is full of flavour... I like it!

Look simple but wait till you take the first bite lol!
 c. Oven Baked Mackerel inspired by Chef Hugh from Hugh's 3 Good Things.  Using only 3 ingredients you can produce delectable fish dish.  The long beans dish is my VRR so just focus on the fish part :)  
Fresh mackerel, lemon and bay leaves!
More dishes coming up next and this time will be pastry and cakes and of course Chef Anna Olson will be my ultimate list!


  1. waa...sedap ooo..Good try kan...

  2. Wahhhh not bad oh....bah share2 tu recipe for the deep fry chicken wings bah :)