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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Part of My Life

My first pet was a hamster. We called her Baby. Two years later, she died because of old age. My sister and I cried very hard. Four years later, we adopted brownish rabbit and still called her Baby; but we only managed to take care of her for three months and she went to rabbit's heaven. Again, we cried very hard. From that moment, I told my mum that I will not adopt/buy any pets cos I couldn't bear the sad feeling, it really hurts me. Really.

Then, when I coupled with hubby, we decided to buy a puppy. Honestly speaking, I was so skeptical about this plan. But, seeing Tabby for the first time, makes my heart leap with joy and I remember I can't be separated with her at all. Till now...

Recently, my bro puppies' died because of Parvo virus. Tabby also had been attacked with this virus before and it almost took her life. That's one of the scariest things that can happen to me. Oh my, I'm not ready for this situation but hubby said one day I must be prepared. Sigh.

'Tabby, mama and papa love you very much! Mama loves to bring you inside the car even though I just reverse the car, feed you using my hand, cari kutu sampai bersih, check your paws (I like this a lot hihihi) and kiss you always also know if you're trying to reply me'

You are part of my and our life! xoxoxo


  1. ben is a dog lover oh...kalah sia.. smp dia becakap2 sama tu dog dia..

    Hopefully Tabby alwayse in a good health ah..

  2. My sister stopped adopting cats and dogs because she hates to see 'goodbye' from them.

    Hopefully Tabby in a good health for many years more..