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Monday, December 10, 2012

My Bestie's Wedding

Hubby and I attended my bestie's wedding yesterday

We're supposed to attend the Majlis Akad Nikah on Saturday but due some commitment, we can't make it... Sorry!

But, we made it on her Sanding day... Happy happy happy day! :)  And oh, met others uni friend and it was a good catch up with each other :)

I love your pelamin so beautiful!
Us with the beautiful and handsome newly weds ^_^
Wedding gifts and my first Bunga Telur :)
Congratulations again to N & S and welcome to the married club!!! Love u lots ^_^

P/S: Now we're waiting to hear wedding bells from our other two besties :)


  1. iya cantik pelamin dia..i like too..and you look nice in cheongsam vera :)

  2. Cantik pelamin dia... theme colour pun sa suka!

  3. wah..byk juga wedding gifts durang oh.. btw, hello moi..ni first time sa bloghop sini..hehee.. :)

  4. Pelamin dia cantik oo..I likes...hehhe

  5. Thanks ladies ^_^ yes memang cantik ni

    Wen" Thanks for visiting! :)