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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mask Oh Mask

I have been neglected one of the important things in skincare regime; applying mask on your face for smooth and clear skin.  What I have in my mask collection now are the St. Ives (clay type) and Face Shop and Nature Republic - Sleeping Mask.  I kinda love the sleeping mask one coz you can wear it when you sleep and cleanse the next morning.  But, I was attracted to BeatyJ 's blog post on this specific mask which I will share with you all later.  I think am done with this type of mask for about 2 years ago coz I was too lazy to open and wear the sticky feelin' mask...

But, that was before... And after reading Beaty's blog, I told myself am gonna try again this type and yes... at first I bought 10 pieces then the next day I bought 3 boxes terus which I shared with my sister.  Among all flavors, this is the recommended one and indeed... an instant love for this mask!

Chuncaini Brand
I did research on the web and found that this mask is made in China but materials are from Korea. This Collagen, Rice.CV Element is good for brightening (mcm lain tu bunyi whitening for me lol) and smooth skin.  I did wear this for 3 consecutive days to see the result;  I know it's not a 100% to achieve good skin but to see if there's a slightly change.  I wore it during night time and for 30 minutes.  Another tip is; pat or wash your face with warm water, wait for 5 minutes and then apply the mask.  This helps in absorbing fast the nutrients onto your face.

3 days mask wearing at night time
I am happy and impress with the result; my pic on the right side is without make up and taken on the 4th day.  I just applied moisturizer.  All pics are original and no editing process.  My skin is smooth, bright and supple :)  I do have fair skin but after wearing it enhance the fairness of my skin (lol macam iklan).  I did get some feedbacks from my closed friends about this mask; like different people different skin type, sensitive skin, the product is cheap plus it's made in China and so on. Well, IMO; if you have different/sensitive skin and yet wanted to try this mask, you can try wear it once or twice.  If not suitable, please change to your usual regime.  And talking about cheap and made in China; aaahhh you do your own research, after all it's your choice :)

This is just a simple sharing from my real experience and hope it will help you gurls in your everyday skincare activity... happy trying!!!


  1. memang best n mask bah vera. i super love this. before this sa kasi limpas2 seja bh then bila sa nmp c Dora pakai trus sa p beli. n thanks god memang bagus ow..

    sa paling suka kalau bila pagi bangun sangat fresh tu muka ni.

    sa pun selalu neglecting mask tau..dei tapi skg rajen suda sa

  2. sy pun plg suka yg rice collagen ni.sadly mcm sy ada break out after pakai yg silver (vit c).yg best adalah it's cheap.hari2 pakai pun ok.hehe