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Monday, May 21, 2012

Koki Bandung, Alam Mesra

What is so special about this place?

I never heard about 'em before...

Waaah, so far lah just to eat their foodie!!!

But, if you never try you'll never know.

Ok, I must admit my friends and FB friends are good influencer.  Messaging me via FB and phones and telling me about this place since last month.  I have always try to slot in my time to bring hubby for lunch or dinner but with double triple work has gotten me last week... no chance lor...

And, yesterday was a perfect day.  Alas, we were there; Koki Bandung.  Ok, let's look at the ordered foodie:

a) Ayam Penyet - This is their famous dish I guess, because I can see all their customers ordering this meal

b) Burung (Quail) Penyet - Hubby's brunch

c) Ayam Pukul - Taste like ayam masak kicap with honey sauce

With the sambal pedas kaw kaw and sayur-sayuran, terus makan pakai tangan :)

Overall, we give 3 stars (based on the above food only).  Actually, the ayam/burung penyet just like an ordinary deep fry meat but we love more on the food presentation and their unique names.  And they have a lot of other Bandung's foodie you can try.  To quench your thirst, I recommend to order Rose Bandung... nyaman

Heard that Kak Nong also serves Ayam Penyet, wonder how's the taste like... will find out soon :)


  1. They look interesting, hopefully they taste as good.

  2. Wow..drooling..klu psl mknan cr ko seja la vera ;)

  3. iya bah i tot kan tu penyet kan sedap sekali biasa ja bh tapi dia punya presentation mmg ok lah.

  4. klu di bandung sambal masak biasa saja tp rasa dia fuh enak banget teh