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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Wife's Cooking

Being a homemaker at the moment, gives me more time to prepare food; lunch or dinner for dearest hubby.  Not to forget tea break or supper (jarang sikit lah ni) also.  According to hubby, I actually take my time to prepare the food, for instance, when we just got back from jalan - jalan, I decided to cook something for us which involves lotsa process.  

When I was in secondary school and university, cooking is the least thing that I would do, with the homeworks and assignments duhhh.... plus my mum is a great cook and no one in the families can lawan her cookings.  See? hehehe...

And after being married for 3 months, I can say, I upgrade sikit my cooking skills and hubby likes it very much.  Pixies time!

a) Tea Break Menu

Sweet Potato in Coconut Milk and Kuih Lecek Ubi Kayu
French Toast and Chicken Boxing
b) Lunch and Dinner Menu

 Beef Sausages with Long Beans and Boiled Slice Pork (non halal)
Omelette, Deep Fry Chicky Wings and Vege with Chung Ken (non halal)
Sawi with prawn and Steamed Egg with Minced Pork (non halal)
Vege with Chung Ken (non halal) and Sweet & Sour Home Made Pork Ball (non halal)
and last night was making my second time appetizer - Hinava 

Well, the dishes for home cooking but still we both love it very much and next time wanna try the famous Julia Child's recipe - Boeuf Bourguignon perhaps Christmas?


  1. very simple yet still looks yummey!

  2. Yr cooking really looks yummy.... ;)

  3. Tapunnnn....aduiii, lapar terus saya.

  4. Macam-macam recipe juga ko dapat buat ni moi.. :D Sa salute ko la ni macam! Hehehe..

  5. Chegu Carol & ms d33 b33: thanks ladies :)
    Cath J: I love ur cooking section :)
    AnnieMing: Thanks and m trying new recipes now ni hehehe

  6. sedap2 semua ni..wah wifey yang bagus ni kalau mcm ni...masak selelu ni..:)

  7. Beaty: lol and thanks memang housewife sekarang hehehe

  8. Wow untung laki ko dapat bini mcm ne....hehehheh bikin lapar ohhh

  9. Hi Va Van Voom,

    Thanks for dropping by! Tulah tu hehehe