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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mr.Popper's.Penguins. by Yours Truly

Have you guys ever thought of penguin as a pet? 

I have (suddenly) and I know it's impossible to have one aha!  Watched this movie with dearest hubby today, we did find this movie is funny and interesting.  Other than the fact that the hero is Jim Carrey; the funny guy and sometimes I think his jokes are irrelevant, this is a great movie for the family.  I can't imagine if our house has six (6) penguins running all over!

A penguin foams past the biology. Plus, it is a cute and adorable animal.  In this movie, their names are Captain, Stinky, Bitey, Lovey, Loudy and Nimrod (the clumsy one hehehe).  Ever since a little kid, Thomas Popper (Carrey) spending less time with his father due to the father's heavy duty outstation work .  Until the day he died, he sent a live penguin to Popper as a gift.  Another five (5) coming up.  Popper also has divorced with his wife and has two (2) children.  This is a result of too committed with his career.  His life changed because of these penguins.  The main reason why the father sent him a penguin because 'once it loves you, it never leaves your side'.  Anyways, lotsa of drama also featured in this movie but alas it's all good. 

Happy watching!
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  1. Sounds like a very nice story. I like the part about "once it loves you, it never leaves your side" SWEET :)

  2. Lizee: Very nice ni hehehe but this time si JC nda terover sgt lah cos I think he's getting older ni lol