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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Buffday Dinners

T.G.I.F !!!  

This month was a seafood galore for us! 

After experiencing bad moment at one particular shop at Seri Selera, Kampung Air, we terus decided not to eat seafood at first! Imagine, I was waiting about 25 minutes to make our order and the captains just acted like super duper busy and even asked me to wait kunun and when tourists came they just ignored me and served the tourists.  Darn them!  We will not going there again!

So, hubby missed eating the siput tarik or tung fung because of the incident.  But, I have suggested to hubby to celebrate his last Tuesday buffday by dining at the Welcome Seafood Restaurant, Asia City.  Plus, my parents in law went back to Tambunan for urgent matter and will be only celebrating hubby's buffday on the next day.

First time went there, first impression; to many people thus tiada seats.  Waited for 10 minutes and one of the captains managed to find us seats.  Happy faces and these what we ordered :)

Hubby's fave: Siput Tarik or Tung Fung - Steamed
Price per kg: RM 20.00

Wifey's fave: Crab - Sweet & Sour style
Price per kg: RM 18.00

Plum Sauce Chicken - Buli tahan oso but a bit sweet
Price per plate: RM 10.00

Kangkung Belacan
Price per plate: RM 8.00
Both's fave: Fresh Prawn - Steamed
Price per kg: Rm 60.00
With 3 bowls of rice, Chinese tea ping and Coke, the total amount is RM 81.00.  Reasonable right?  This will be our seafood spot now said the hubby :)

The next day, we went for the belated buffday dinner with the family at the same shop hehehe and yes everyone satisfied!

Did I mention seafood galore?  Last Sunday, we had dinner my family at Golden Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Aru - Kepayan for my lil' bro buffday and the next day we also ate seafood for the late dinner.  Nah, too much cholesterol already in our body and it's detox time bebeh!


  1. Adui moi! Itu siput tarik punyala menyelerakan... Mcm mo p mkn seafood oh ni mlm...really nampak sadap o d food...

  2. ms d33 b33: pilah... ok ni tempat harga dia pun reasonable hehehe

  3. waaaa... berabisan seafood kamurang ooo..

  4. wah... mcm teringin mau cuba tu siput tau.... looks so good... I miss kk.. *nangis*

  5. Just: Ya hehehe selang beberapa hari saja
    CathJ: Hehehe, bah bila balik KK lagi? pun pun
    Jacq: Yeap that's the price