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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovebirds' Vacation ~ Final Part

Hola peeps and sorry for the long delayed post!

Our rendezvous in SZ and HK continues... (and it's long one)

We decided to go to SZ in the morning time, less people and less trouble!  Again, we took MTR from Mong Kok East Station to reach Luowu Station, the border of SZ.  The journey was about forty five (45) minutes and as I said, there were less people in the beginning BUT the big crowd turned out when we reached the second final station at Fan Ling, gao meng ahhh!!!

We took a cab to our hotel; Green Tree Inn near Dong Men area.  We did a booking via Agoda, two (2) weeks before our trip and to our surprise for the first twenty (20) minutes, they did not manage to find our booking and still searching for it even though we passed them the hotel voucher.  Alas, they managed to get us room at seventh floor.

It was raining and it made very hard for us to go jalan-jalan.  From our hotel to the Dongmen shopping heaven took about 20 minutes by foot.

Our two (2) days route to Dongmen
We didn't go to any interesting or historical places in SZ due to limited time.  All we did is eat and shop only.  After two (2) days in SZ, we went back again to Mong Kok area for another two (2) nights stay.  

Back in HK means Disney time hehehe!!!  The trip to Disneyland was my idea of our honeymoon trip.  When I was a kid, I love to watch Disney's cartoon and television series based on classic fairy tales.  I still remember Shelley Duvall was always be the narrator!  And my wishes came true!  Enjoice pixies!

First pix:  I was queuing together with the kids (hahaha) and waited for almost 1 hour to be with the lovely princesses and their princes:  Snow White and Cinderella.  And when they talk, huh sounds like real princesses macam dalam tv tu 

Second pix:  Didn't manage to get photog with these two main characters, cos the queuing line was so long and by the time we reached here, we have to wait for another 1 hour barulah ni cutie tikus buli ambil gambar with the crowd!

Third pix:  Tia dapat bergambar dengan yang real, patung pun jadi lah lol, me surrounded with the minnies!

The weather at Disneyland was super duper hot until now my sun burnt belum hilang hilang and the crowd was huge due to school holidays, weekend, locals and tourists visiting but it was a good and fun trip!

We managed to do our final shopping at the famous Ladies Market, just situated in front of our stay and window shopping at Langham Mall.  The market is similar to Petaling Street but the bargaining power is efficient here.  For example; from HKD 200.00 can discount to HKD 50.00, amazing kan?  

This is Langham Mall's highest and longest escalator, equals to 10 floors punya height!  For those that afraid of this height, better don't stare below!

And the food?  The BBQ Duck is the best of all, can't get enough of this hehehe

Overall, we loike both places, despite the bad weather, language barriers, hotels are small size, HK immigration counter is super slow and so on.  Definitely will visit here again but this time from SZ then to HK. 

See?  Another satisfied customers :)

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