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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Married Couple

Yes.  We are married.  In 3 days time, our marriage life will be 1 month age!  How time flies!

We started knowing each other since year 2004 as a colleague, got in serious relationship year 2008, year 2010 we got engaged and this year we exchanged our marriage vows.  Our journey of life begins now :)

Church wedding at Mary Immaculate

My dad just handed over me to my hubby-to-be :)
See the wedding bouquet?  I missed my roses.  I requested special design and color from our designated florist.  Luckily, she managed to get them.  And one funny story happened during this time, sudahlah nervous or maybe my maid of honor forgot to take my bouquet and I was holding it for a long time till the Archbishop asked me to put down my bouquet on the table... malu juga but I just said "oh ok"... hehehe

Dinner reception at Le Meridien

Us: Let the dads try out first ah :)
As usual, in wedding celebrations, any dancing part, the bride and groom have to participate coz they are the highlights of the night.  The above traditional dance is called Magunatip or bamboo dance and usually perform by the Murut community and that night was from Murut Nabai of Kg. Masak, Keningau.   Nice performance!

Second reception at Tambunan 

Our last reception took place at hubby's hometown, Tambunan, one week after the church wedding

Happy us in traditional costume
Overall, we did enjoy ourselves and of course tiring jugalah.  Then, one week after the Tambunan reception, we went for our vacay to one of the places that I wanted to visit!  So, will share to you all in next post :)

Have a pleasant weekend!!!


  1. Congrats again Vera!
    Wah kena import dtg kk kah tu cultural dance group dr kg masak hehehe

  2. Congrats Vera! Kasi blog lagi yang kamu pigi honeymoon tu :D Hehe!

  3. You're both very lucky to have each other. Best friend as well as husband and wife. I'm so happy for both of you :)
    - Emily Ting

  4. Chegu Carol: Thanks bebeh, ya kena import oleh my FIL, sana Tambunan pun drg ada performed :)

    Annie: Thanks moi, ya soon, sekarang ada bz ckit ni :)

    Emily: Hi darl, thanks for visiting my blog and for the wishes, like wise :)