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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lovebirds' Vacation ~ Part 1

Our recent vacation was a one memorable trip.  We decided to go Hong Kong (HK) and Shen Zhen (SZ), oppps sorry the wifey chose HK and you may ask why?  Of all the places??? I mean I got several bad impression towards HK; mentioning about their attitude, speak too loud to each other, fast pace of living people and so on.  Well, these are all just opinions kan and to know whether true or not you have to experience yourself.

Jom, discover HK with our story!!!

We reached HK around 3.30pm, it was raining a bit.  We took MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to reach our destination at HK Station, HK Island.  It costs us HKD 160.00 for two persons and reached the station about 45 minutes.  Then, we went to guest pick up area, waited for our bus to arrive and go to our hotel.  We stayed one night at Bishop Lei International Hotel.   We booked twin room but they upgraded us to suite since there were no twin rooms available.  So, we were happy, yalah kan dapat bilik cantik siapa tidak mau ???  I can say it is a cute and neat room, BUT punya kecil ruang tamu, bedroom ok, shower area kecil sangat lah and toilet space ok.  

Morning view at Hong Kong from our 21st floor, Suite
The next morning before check out, we went to Madame Tussauds; the wax museum.  It is located at The Peak.  I was so excited to go there cos there are nearly 100 wax figures combination of well known personalities, actors and actress.  We paid HKD 320.00 entrance fee for two persons and the first figure we saw is Jackie Chan lol!  There were lotsa people and when taking pixies, the words 'Excuse Me' are no longer exist here hahaha!!! You have to adapt your surrounding otherwise you'll never get the chance.

With Datuk Michelle Yeoh, follow by supermodel Elle Macpherson and singer Jay Chou
With the late Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandi
Presenting the new duet partner of Mick Jagger :)
After posing for almost 2 hours huh, penat eh, we went back to our hotel, checked out and moved to another  accomodation located at Mong Kok District.  MTR was our transport during our trip.  To reach Mong Kok, we had  traveled using 2 different MTR line/station.

Mong Kok is always associated with triad gangs (we barely see them during our stay). When we first reached here, the place was so crowded with Hongkers (or Hongkies ni?) until you don't have any space to walk, but again, to survive (lol) you have to follow their style lor.  And the weather didn't not permit us to go jalan - jalan, as a result we just tapau our dinner and eat in our room.  It was ok juga cos can rest, since the next day we were going to SZ for two days.  What is the main attraction in SZ? You'll have to wait for the Part 2 :)

More stories in SZ and HK; to be continued as soonest ya!  Stay tune peeps!


  1. me also kurang suka HK.. nxt time if I need to visit there again.. may be direct to Disneyland ja.. the only reason to visit HK.. hihihi

  2. Sioknya posing2 :) I've never been to HK..Would really love to visit HK Disneyland one day..Enjoy your honeymoon ^__^

  3. CathJ: Tell u, dats the main and same reason I went there! hihihi
    Lizee: Thanks, ya, u and family shud go Disney, we did enjoy ourself even tho the weather was hot! :)