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Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 1: Picture of Me


I've been tagged by Wyne  for the 10 Day YOU Challenge since last week but again was down due to fever, flu and cough!  Sick leave for 2 days and only yesterday I feel much better. Huaaa, I lost mojo for several days and now claiming it back hehehe...  

Ok, day 1 of the challenge is picture of me.  Am gonna share my pixies from kecik till now :)
From the top: I was 2 years old and according to my mum I loved to wear that kind of hair piece, I guess that's the style during that era kan?
From the left side: My twenties era!  Took this pic from my office desk, sempat lagi bah!
From the right side: Thirties gurl!  Celebrated my buffday with dearest last year :)

Feelin' younger everytime I celebrate my buffday LOL...and as usual, age is just a number and nothing can define your oldness unless yourself :)  Happy birthday to those who's celebrating today!!! 

Stay tune for the next one tomorrow and right up next; Recipe woot woot!

Peace begins with smile ~ Mother Teresa


  1. wow...ko pun buat ni kan..bah sama2 kita buat la ahhh

  2. beaty: ya hehehe, bah jom, ada 10 hari kan :)

  3. I haven't start mine yet, tunggu itu 30 Days BC siap dulu. Hahaha..

    Anyway, you looked good in all pic, esp yang kecil tu, cute!

  4. Annie: Ya, I follow tu ur 30 days challenge...thanks :)

  5. macam teda berubah pun yg 30s from the 20s tu vera. :)

    i forgot who said this saying but he said,' you only get and feel old when you feel sad and bitter about life.'....that means so long you are contented with what life gives you now, you are living your age and cherish it to the fullest...so yeah, getting old may be obvious in our physical appearance but it's the heart that matters.

  6. chegu carol: hehehe, yeap that's so true! Apa guna muda di luar but dalam x kan?

  7. Muka ko pun tidak berubah dari dulu. Anyway, sa agreed with Carol punya comments...betul baitu (^^)