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Monday, January 17, 2011

Flower POWER!!!

To choose the right flower/s for wedding church and reception is an essential matter for me.  From the main entrance to the altar or main table, flowers can cheer up and beautify the surroundings

Pix courtesy of shirohanaflowers.com
Recently, we went to one florist in Bornion to check out flowers and prices. They have this package which includes the bride's bouquet, corsage, church, reception and car decoration and the cost range is between RM 500.00 to RM 600.00 exclusive of delivery charges.  But the arch decor is using artificial/fake flowers.  I know I have to let go Margaret Florist (sorry to say for me the price is expensive, unless they can discount more for me hahaha).  And I still have several choices to go before we can make our final decision. But, if you guys can suggest to me other florists, you are most welcome :)

Ok, sambung balik tu cerita di Bornion, I have picked and bought my fave flowers for me to tinggu2 mana satu idaman kalbu

Maybe Gerbera Daisy? It is the 5th most used cut flower in the world

I love dis flower, under Sunflower family but dis one kecil ckit
Rose - widely grown for their beauty and fragrance

Heart dis one oso :)
Both hehehe 
I really love flowers!
Well, I have in mind already which one to choose, can u guess hehehe?

Gonna search the net dulu the designs and style, at least must have something in mind right before talk to the taukeh nyong :)

P/S:  Checked on the tulip price; 1 stalk = RM 10.00 huhuhu


  1. wah counting suda ni kan...heheh..cantik bh semua..roses pun okey <_>

  2. beaty: hehehe ya, hmm, semua cantik kan mata pun juling lol

  3. pelan2 moi... am sure whatever you choose mesti turn out cantik jg tu... ;p

  4. ms d33 b33: ya, and i know what to choose ody :)

  5. Gerbera's my fav flower too and was used for my wedding. Unfortunately my florist couldnt get all-red gerberas as to what i wanted..ada oren, pink and maroon ni...lucky my florist were able to arrange the flowers so that the colors didnt clash.

    That Bornion florist punya price very cheap already that Vera considering that's the same price I got for almost the same package during my wedding 5 years ago.

  6. Up to you, Vera ;-) But both are equally beautiful. Kalau sa, sa akan pilih rose because it's my fave. Hehe..

  7. Chegu Carol: oh yah? but the arch fresh flower or artificial? But, I think cheap lah at the moment :)
    Annie: hehehe ya semua pun lawa kan and yes, rose will be my flower yeay!