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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cake Story - Jan 2011

Baking cakes has become one of my routine now and what if this is my new career and I quit from my almost 8 years working experience in Tourism industry? Hell yeah, I'M LOVIN' IT! hehehe

Yalah, other than having my own time, can be at home (I am a home person) and most importantly I can be my own BOSS! lol

OK, pixies moments:
Fames cake at the moment: Steamed Carrot cake with walnut, crushed pineapple and Cream Cheese with grated lemon and mixed peel topping
New and improved recipe for Steamed Rich Butter Cake with Buttercream Frosting, yummy!
Another order for Steamed Carrot cake with walnut and Cream Cheese with grated lemon and mixed peel topping
Ok, enuff of baking dulu and now lemme share some foodie pixies that I cooked during the recent week.  I can say it's a Chicken theme sebab semua pun ayam ni bah!
Homemade Crispy Chicken Wings :)
My 5 minutes popped up recipe and I call it ~ The Chickenions, we love it hehehe
I terkesadapan looking at AnnieMing  punya resepi mihun sup ayam so first time cooking this meal, I found it easy, affordable and ala - ala makan di kedai hehehe gonna cook again this meal!
The Mihun Sup Ayam; teda bawang2 or daun2 hijau kekeke
Nowadays, when searching the net, looking new recipes for cakes/meals is always in my list.  Kenen2 mau brush up the skills lah, like the KDM infamous words Buli Bah Kalau Kau (BBKK)! not DBKK ah...

P/S:  Sort out again the guest list for the 5th time aiyo!

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