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Friday, January 21, 2011

Countdown to CNY - Jalan Jalan at Star City

Dong Dong Chiang !!!

Ok, this will be my first post and countdown to Chinese New Year celebration, believe it or not it's 12 days till CNY yeay...!

Me and dearest went out during our long lunch hours to Asia City (by foot from Sinsuran) to pay my life insurance at eTiQa .  Lucky for us only 2 people was in the queue, if not, usually I have to wait approximately 1 hour just to pay the bills. Then, both of us went to Mode Cafe, Star City to have our E-anniversary luncheon, we like this place because ada aircond supply kekeke!

Finished eating, deary asked me whether I want to jalan - jalan around the area, am ok with the plan plus we seldom go this place.  Nothing much to see and buy actually, all the shops pun yang besa-besa but they have Lewre and G2000 lah. We headed straight to the main foyer and saw lotsa CNY stuffs kena jual.  I bought my fave Cherry Blossom for the house, tanglung no needlah this year but bunga ok lol!  
Cherry Cherry Pinkish Bom Bom!
Other than the flower, what attracted us was the special tanglung.  Comes in different sizes, colors and designs. This tanglung is made of silk or cloth. Was amazed!  Price range is between RM 80.00 to RM 200.00.  All tanglungs are sold in pair.  Talked to the salesgirls, if you purchased more, they can give you good discount.  
Aren't they pretty?
Silk made tanglung
Actually, all the above tanglung are products of Vietnam which we occasionally have in KK (if you ever went to City Mall to check out the previous Vietnam's exhibition, you will see this product).  And not to forget the traditional one;
Red tanglungs; traditional way of CNY decor
Other CNY decor waiting to be grabbed! 
Last but not least; the goyang - goyang gold stuffs with lights inside, price range RM 75.00 to RM 88.00
Cute lil' things! 
Our usual activities when CNY is going to Pasar Malam, CNY's eve dinner, waiting lion dancers to visit the house and presentation of angpow from old generation to young generation like us hehehe (except yang married lah

Can't wait and hope this year of Rabbit brings luck and luck and luck! 

Have a pleasant weekend everyone! :)


  1. msh planning mo buat apa cny this yr.. mo p vacation tp sure sana sini packed! huhhh...

  2. Just: hehehe balik Sabah lagi lah Just hehehe

  3. ms d33 b33: Ya, cantik but quite expensive for me hehehe...if can go jalan2 di Vietnam memang murah kan :)

  4. stella: thanks, hehehe pakai hp saja ni but yeah m trying to brush up my ordinary taking photog skills :)

  5. cantik pula tanglung vietnam tu..yg traditional tu sdh biasa sy nampak, hehe

  6. Zezebel: ya, memang cantik2 ni and lain shape dia :)

  7. Waaaaaa....
    abislah rumah ni penuh tanglung ni kali.
    jauh juga tu tanglung di import dari Vietnam?

    See you around.
    via Sabahan Bloggers Club.

  8. lunaticg: itu hanya pix saja, dis year teda tanglung cuma cherry blossoms saja hehehe