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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: 4 days till Christmas

Ho ho ho peeps!

Ginger Bread House at Le Meridien, love it and can even see Tiramisu bread on top of the roof hehehe
Bah, Christmas is nearing us already and how's y'all final preparation? As for us, gifts for the families - done left only our gifts aha! 

Lotsa pressies!!! yeay!!!
See...all the pressies above has been placed at the bottom of Christmas tree and this year, we used the same color/design of wrapping papers for the families, I loike!

And hey tomorrow is the Winter Solstice celebration, so there will be family gathering lor. 

So, hope everyone is ready for the holidays and for us, we caught flu and cough, adakah time - time begini, but worries less, we did see doctor yesterday hehehe...

Ok, till then me chow chow, gonna bake 6 more cakes by 23rd Dec and then can rest till next year woohoo!

P/S: Happy E-Anniversary dearest! Love ya :*