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Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's all because of these

Halo halo...
M back and still have not updating my blog ever since I came back from Sandakan. It's all about my laziness, my sleepiness, my bertimbunan kerja and oh ow my new addiction of FB game, apalagi Pet Society. Originally, our suppiler yang asked me and deary to play this; create your own and jaga the pet but we refused. But, after several promotions done by her (thanks ah Mem Den), we signed up and here we are become addicted (m not sure if deary get addictedlah but for me IYA!...hehehe). Love it very much because can race, bet, fish, buy and collect many things.
Hmm...okay for the past 4 days already, I have been playing these games without regret...Jangan macam macam!
Later in the evening, me and deary will go and find our halloween costumes for Sabah Bloggers Nite that will be held this Saturday. Ya ya last minute? No lah still got 2 days mah...
Ok, gotta continue back to my Pet Society game, till then me chow!

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