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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Short Vacay: Back to Nature Land

When was the last time we went for a vacay? Long or short? I couldn't remember.  Till last Saturday... no no no...not outside Sabah or Malaysia... just one hour thirty minutes drive.  Tambunan it is!

Going back home to my mum's and hubby's kampung was planned long time ago but this time hubby brought two of his colleagues together with their partners joining us in such a short trip.

So, we went to Mahua Waterfall and stayed overnight at Tamadon block hostel accomodation.  Both hostel blocks were packed during that time (school holiday has just started) and luckily we managed to book early. Pheewww!  For more details, hop to Mahua Rainforest Paradise

The main activities begin - exploring the waterfall and experiencing the nature's smell and scenery

We also went to Tugu Mat Salleh
Aaahhh feel grateful that I still can explore the wonders of nature... one word Gratitude!

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  1. On the list ba ni Mahua waterfall tapi selalu kasi limpas seja ni..sedih hehe...that nasi goreng looks sadap o!