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Monday, February 24, 2014

It's All About White Stuff

Colours.  White.  Nope wouldn't be my top choice.  Exception for my wedding dress.

But now white seems to be my first choice when it comes to home decoration and furnitures.  I guess it will be easy for us to hunt for them and of course it's Mr. Booomer's fav colours ^_^

It will be not big but good enough for me, hubs and Tabs...  And one thing I'm very particular is our bed design, I love this below but surely can't fit lol... I'll keep it for future home...definitely!

Canopy Bed ~ source taken from Yahoo! Image
Looks super comfy right?  Now I need to have good reasons and made a determine pitch to Mr. Booomer perhaps small one...hmmm still thinking ^_^

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