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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travel, Training... Tired...

Gah! Honestly, I dislike to travel far especially for work purpose... yelah kan if pergi holiday lain cerita :) 

Morning and Night of Jakarta :)
Well, I must tell this; it WAS a tiring training LOL!  Why I say this ... because for the past three days, my schedule was hectic and packed! Started at 8.00 am and finished 8.00 pm except for the last day... Twelve hours yo!

But, I do enjoy my stay... with this kind of training, we need a GOOD bed to sleep ^_^ 

My stay for 3 nights... love the room :) ~ Shangri - La Hotel
And of course the FOOD! Nah, time to feast your eyes...

Italian, Chinese, Local and Fusion; Fantabulous menus
And on top of it; I LOVE my table setting... 

And OH my flowers :)
At the end of the day, we had to rush to the airport; knowing Jakarta famous for their 'jammness'.  Sadly, our flight were delayed for four hours huh and departed at 00:00 the next day... This is AA!  

So, this trip is meant for full training... Shopping? I managed also but only 20% lah and chance to meet new colleagues from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and China.  

Another great experience for me!  Yeay!


  1. 8 to 8??? delay for 4 hours?? phewwwwww

  2. waaah wlupun bz yg ptg comfort bed and awesome food! hehe tpi yg delay tu yg x siok kan sis..baru 1 jam pun sya boring..4hrs? -_-