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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Homemade Body Wash: Lifebuoy Flavor

It is a FUN process!  And I smell great too during the process :)

We did our grocery shopping last Sunday, we were eyeing on the Lifebuoy body wash; the big bottle one and the price is SO OOOHHH darn expensive (you know what I mean nowadays pricing).  So, I told hubby that I can do the homemade body wash using the Lifebuoy soap bar and proceeded to find the main ingredient :)

My reference is from my SIL's blog here but I modified a bit to suit our liking

a. One bar soap of any flavor but for my first project I used Lifebuoy since hubby requested this
b. Eight cups of hot water (since hubby wanted the liquid to be thick) if normal usually ten to sixteen cups

a. Grate the bar soap
b. Pour the hot water into the grated soap and whisk thoroughly to dissolve everything
c. Let it stand for ten to twenty four hours.  I think mine was nineteen hours
d. Then whisk again the soap mixture in order to make sure the liquid is properly dissolves.  If it's too thick add favorable cups of water. Tadaaa, your homemade body wash is ready!

Process (d)
e.  Using a funnel, pour the body wash into the bottles and it can be used immediately.  For this project, I managed to get one thousand five hundred ml.  If you pour more water then you will get double ml

Tadaaa! Super like it!
My total cost for this project is only RM 1.10 versus RM 16.90 the market price of the Lifebuoy Body Wash.  We are satisfied with the final result, it's thick and soapy :)  Will do another project on other soap flavor.  Can't wait!!!

Happy trying all ^_^


  1. Huge difference in pricing kan! And I'm like you too; can't wait to try it out with other soap flavour!:p

  2. sia mo try la ni.. sinang dan murah!! thanks vera! :)

  3. wow must try this wan la....mcm jimat ni tau...

  4. I've thought about this before and sangat menyesal didn't put the idea to reality. I could have save a lot of money back then. I like Dettol body wash ba hahaa.

    Happy Wednesday, Vera!

  5. Caneeliea: Yes and I wanna try imported soap ni sana Merdeka supermarket tu :)

    Just: Yeay!!! U will love it!

    With Love: memang jimat oh and byk ni so can use lamaaaa... hihihi

    Armstrong: Nah, sekarang inilah masanya idea into reality and ya use Dettol lah :) Happy Wednesday too!

  6. wah..harus dicuba ini...save money lagi oh...

  7. Well that was mighty simple. Thanks for the tips. :)

  8. Hai vera.. wah sya pun mau try oh. Thanks for sharing ;p