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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moments with Tabby

Tabby dislikes photo taking.  She tries very hard not to look at the camera and even knows when to avoid the flash!  It was very hard for us to capture her nice moment, even hubby can't make her sit properly to be photographed... susah eh!

But, one fine day, she was totally different.  Or maybe because she's preggy.  Yes, we are 85% sure despite she's ACTIVELY running here and there!  So, when we were inside the car, I noticed she was ok when I took her photos and followed my instruction; duduk bagus bagus mau bergambar and here's my fave :)

Testing testing testing...
Good gurl! First time looking at the camera
Now smiling at the camera, great!
She likes to be inside the car and her favorite seat is the front one can get the aircon and enjoy the joyride.

Actually, I can't wait to see her puppies and we might not keep it all, we are giving them out to families and friends, so if you guys wanted a puppy do let me know.  


  1. Cute Tabby pandai pose di depan camera! :D

    Sa baru mau minta reserve one tapi baru sa tefikir sudah pula ada new pups sana rumah. Hehe..

  2. Betul2 smilling oh kan dia hihihi...