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Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 4: Books

Thursday it is today and my 4th day of YOU challenge.  Today the secret will reveal the books that I like and like :)  As I ever mentioned before in my previous post, I am not an avid reader or who do reading a lot.  I can say from the scale of 10, I am at 5 lah and this only meant for novels but for magazines (especially entertainment one) it will be 11 out of 10.  You might ask WHY?  I have exposed myself to this kind of reading materials since I was in Form 1 ya, so you do the math how many already :)

Nevertheless, I do read and collect books from my fav authors and my choice is always a FICTION one.  So, my list are as below :-

01.  Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella
I can't resist reading all her books even though sometimes, I think Rebecca's addiction to shop/spend is too much!  I like the way Sophie write all her books and for me I manage to follow and understand :)

Other than the above, I also have other books by Sophie
02.  Cecelia Ahern - The famous author for P.S. I Love You :)

03.  Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray & Love

04.  Khatijah Ibrahim or Ahmad - Famous author of Malay book - Cinderela 
(sorry I can't find the image)

And lastly, I wanna get this book :), so that's all about books, stay tune for tomorrow challenge!

Yes SOON :)


  1. Yang P.S I Love You pames tau...sa pun suda baca tu buku. Emo juga sa membaca tu buku.

  2. Wyne: Ya, memang emo kan, apalagi wayang dia tu :)