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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 3: Films

Raining. Gloomy and cooling Wednesday, nice and I like it heheee...

Ok, day three (3) of YOU challenge is about films.  I have 5 films that I love so far :)

01.  Bridget Jones's Diaries
Love the story line, actress and actor (I mean Colin Firth ok not Hugh Grant). Childhood memories, the diary thingy and the soundtracks, yeay!

02.  Princess Diaries 2
I am more on this second sequel compare to first one :)

03.  Harry Potter Series
The first movie of HP, I watched more than 10 times, crazy rite?  But, I do like it very much compare to the others.  Usually, the introductory part is always the best and hey I can even memorize the script ok!

04.  Enchanted
Another great movie by Mc Dreamy @ Patrick Dempsey and of course Amy Adams, I think both of them is a great couple

05. Salt
Angelina Jolie looks tough in this movie hehehe, don't you think so? 

Well, you can see all my fav are lovey dovey and a bit of roughness movies but they are simply the best for me. 

It's Ash Wednesday and happy fasting to all Christians. And today, after 7 years, m gonna face my 2nd time of life challenge!  Hope everything is OK! :) 


  1. semua sa suda tingu ni...sa suka salt ni..cool c Angelina jolie ni

  2. Beaty: Ya, syokkan, better than tomb rider hehehe

  3. sia suka princess2 pnya stories.. hehehe..

  4. I love Enchanted and Salt. Hehe.. Even tho my darling's name is Harry, tapi sa inda begitu in sama Harry Potter, indatau kenapa. ;-D

    Happy Ash Wednesday & happy fasting to you!

  5. Just: ya, best kan me too, apalagi kalau pelakon dia pun ngam lol
    Annie: Hehehe, maybe storyline nda berapa ok ni
    CathJ: Thanks :)