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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Till then TIGER and Welcome Back RABBIT!

Woohooo!!! It's C.N.Y eve today...so where do I start?

Ok, as usual, our office today is half day working, yeay!!! Can't wait for the clock to strike 1.00pm.  Then, dearest will send me home and I will help my mum to prepare big and delicious feast for tonite family's dinner.  I foresee there will be more than 6 dishes lah including our family fave 'The Yam Pork' dish.  This is a MUST dish in our C.N.Y family dinner and trust me, it is super duper saddaaappp! My mum always try to teach me how to cook this dish but I also always refuse sebab byk kerja ni hehehe... and now I decided to learn, nantilah tunggu lepas C.N.Y lol

And yesterday, I received my first angpow for this year and it's a gift from our office :)  
Red Packet from Alliance Bank
All of us in the office were given this; Gift Vouchers from Servay worth RM 150.00, so I guess everyone is happy :)
Shopping time!
Tonight, we'll be saying good bye to year of tiger and hallo to year of RABBIT.  
I wanna wish Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holidays to all.
Pix courtesy of silkysteps.com
Enjoyz ur holidays peeps!


  1. Oh you must learn how to cook the yam pork if your mom ada fab recipe, jangan rugi!