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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gurly stuffs and the weekend...

While I was typing every single word in my blog, I was watching HBO's movie; Julie & Julia.  At first, thought it was a family affair story but turns out it's all about cooking and blogging.  Been downloaded this movie since last year but didn't manage to watch it.  And, sis in law also commented it was a siok movie.  The film is based on 2 true stories, made me sit and watched without realizing I haven't started my bring-home office work, blame me for that aha!

Ok, last Thursday, I been down from food poisoning, I think I ate fried mee at kedai mamak near our office.  That night, I took 2 packets of Fong Sai Yen to calm down my stomach (visited toilet more than 10 times).  Luckily, the next morning, it was ok - ok... :) yeay!  More yeay, during our lunch time, we went to Wisma Merdeka for window shopping, but again, I bought several gurly stuffs for myself! 

Friday's Haul :)
It's all about lashes, hair care products, manicure and pedicure and tiny meenie phone decoration, woohooo! The fake lashes? Am not sure when will I wear them, LOL!

On Saturday, me and the other colleagues attended a conference "Wellness Journey" at Pacific Sutera.  1 thing I learnt from this conference - Go to India for self actualization and laughter club!  Well, everyone has different approach to be their best in wellness and overcome stress!  So, it's ur call bah!  But, I enjoyed it, and salute to those who has shared their real life experience!

My life is not complete if I didn't bake any cakes, hehehe, so this is what I baked today:

I call it 'Steamed Choc Moist Cake with Sinking Choc Sauce'.  Was planning to do white choc ganache but the chocos is not really nice, so I decided to do the sauce saja.  Love and like it!

Don't forget to check out tomorrow's baking recipe!  Sure, you guys will love it! :) 


  1. Aik? U download the movie? Ada tu the movie di rumah we bought! Lol.. Si WC punya fav movie tu ah, cuz ada cooking hahah..

    And the cake.. OMG SUPER YUMMY okay! Can't say enough! Think this is my only Choc type of cake that I like (I usually don't like choco cakes haha..)

  2. fake eyelashes? Hahaha
    You will need it during ur wedding day n photo shoot that.
    Simpan saja moi. :)

    Cirit birit? Sian u...but glad that u're getting better... Bah! Take k, kio!

  3. Dianbizzcorner: Hi and thank you for visiting :)
    Jacq: Yabah, but last year lagi bah tu x sempat tinggu, oh ok, terrer drg masak ni hehehe...bah, next time I wanna try lagi other chocolatey cakes, so standby saja ah LOL

  4. ms d33 b33: hehehe, buli juga, but until today masih belum expert pasang ni...luckily, hehehe, ok will do & same to u :)

  5. Wow. You're so good at baking. The only cake i can bake is the one from a box. :)

  6. Lizee: Hi, thanks for dropping by, am still a newbie...me oso bah dulu hehehe