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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Buffday Celebration ~ 19th Oct 2010 (Tuesday) Belated Post

Ok, just a short write up on my recent buffday celebration, yeehaa!

Notes: Lotsa food pics will be shown in this post :)  All pictures taken using Sony Errisson Aino

Pre-buffday dinner with family and deary
Shop: M not sure the name, but if you familiar with Tanjung Aru town, it is located in front of the Calvary Church (kedai kopi cina nombor 2 dari ujung)
Dishes: (a) Ginger Onion Beef  (b) Steamed Talapia  (c) Steamed Ikan Putih (specially for me since m the only one yang tidak makan talapia hehehe)
Other dishes yang tidak sempat diambil gambar sebab semua orang dah lapar were sayur yu mak dan sup masam manis
Dish of the day: Butter Prawns - ordered 2 plates to cater 7 pax hahaha

The Birth 'Day' luncheon with deary
Place: Hong Kong Recipe, Warisan Square
Dishes: Shrimp wonton soup, roasted pork and duck also sweet and sour pork (pictures forgot to take hehehe) 

Happy face deary!
Hehehe buffday gurl!

My drink - Green Tea Pineapple Ping
The Birth 'Day' dinner with deary
Place: Promenade Hotel
Something old something different - went dinner buffet and treat from deary - First present :)

Starter: Cream Mushroom Soup, I loike sedap walaupun buli rasa tu serbuk tepung hahaha

Main course hehehe
Rojak combination: Japs, salad and Mehico mash potatoes

My desserts: Bread Pudding and many flavors of ICE-CREAM!

Tadaa: My second present ~ WEEKEND BAG
 Handmade by JACQ (future SIL)

And last gift: Meet my baby TWINKLE...isn't she's cute?

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Happy and Grateful I am...To my family and deary ~ thank you and love u guys! and to all my friends (received ratus2 wishes owh, pecah rekod hehehe) thank you and God Bless U All!


  1. wow..u r so lucky..bday sya pun nda lama lg..on Dec hehe

  2. thanks stella, m sure there'll lots of suprise from hubby kan...