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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mama's love coming home!

Hallo baby blog...mama is coming home for you...

Ever since Feb till TODAY!!! Once again I have abandoned my blog :( seems dat I can't be burdened by so many tasks, activities and happenings in one time hahaha...ok ok ok but now no more sad story ya...

As time flies so fast, many great things happen in my life and the most unforgettable one; my Engagement Day ~ 21st Feb 2010. And today, is our 4th mon-niversary deary...

Others; our Tabby baby is growing up so fast(despite terkena parasite virus), I bought online my DELL netty a.k.a net book with a pinky sticker yey, travelling with my deary, bday celebrations, lotsa downloaded games and old time movies, I become cake baker hahaha and not to forget sad news and bad times I faced but I am standing still here woohoo!

Now m working while updating my so long blog...and headphone stick-in my ear listening my fave oldies and romantic songs from my BB...yes, this is wat I like it's almost 1.00pm means lunch time is coming up and only 3 hours left before can go home...u guys knowlah kan, Monday blues always makes me workless but still efficient if suddenly got last minute work, aha!

Till then chow chow and may this happy shiny Monday is a great starting week for all of us :)

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