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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Posts Lately...

... are all about Music Monday and Wordless Wednesday!

Well, none of my interesting activities allow me to write anything in my blog... blergh yes boring!

Other than busy with work (who doesn't right?), we are still in the midst of finishing our home revamping and by looking at the manpower; hubby and myself, hmmm we foresee to move officially in September.  There's still a lot do but eventually we will finish it...

And soon we will be welcoming our lil' nephew to the world (hubby's youngest bro and wife baby boy). Smooth delivery R and may God will be with you all the time and yes we're on standby mode hehehe... Also, am gonna be an aunt again next year from my family side since my sister is expecting now.  Enjoy your pregnancy journey G and may God guide you all the way.  As for us, we are still waiting for the good news *fingers crossed*

So, enjoy listening to my songs' selection from Music Monday and variety of pictures from Wordless Wednesday.  I am gonna have one new label; Inspired Friday where I will post inspirational quotes to be shared to uols.

Till then...


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