Homemaker @ Wisteria Lane

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Currently am addicted to this game!

Aaah well, I used to dream someday I will open my own florist... Playing this non stop on my IPhone daily; as a result become addicted nah plus Bakery Story and Restaurant Story hihihi...

So, what's your fav games? Mind to share?

* The Bleeding Heart flowers on the vases are one of the expensive flowers!


  1. Currently the drawsomething games on ipad.. But cute oh this 1.. I want tipo try la..hihi

  2. Sa suka gama Bejeweled (gitu kaitu nama dia)sbb sa mcm Tetris. LOL

  3. i played dis game b4 moi... but uninstall it oredi as i hv unlock all the flowers... nw currently playing d stardomz n baker story ... ;p