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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ombak.Rindu. by Yours Truly

I seldom watch Malay movie in the cinema.  So far I think only 3 times; Sembilu 2, Pasrah and recently Ombak Rindu.  I wanted to watch Lagenda Budak Setan but my timing is not ngam then ended watching on Astro Ria :)

But, for this movie is a yes yes for my time.  So, me, hubby, my sis and her bf watched it on last Saturday, 09.25pm show at GSC Suria.  Gosh, punya ramai orang!!!  And the hall was full house till the front seats were occupied. 

Based upon the bestselling Malaysian novel, "Ombak Rindu" is about the romance between Izzah and Hariz, two lovers from different worlds. Izzah is a village girl who has been sold by her father to a nightclub in KL as a prostitute. However, Hariz, a rich man's son, has bought her from the nightclub to keep as his own mistress. She begs him to make her an honest woman and he agrees, on the condition that she doesn't claim any rights as a wife. Hariz soon softens his heart and learns to fall in love with Izzah. However, he is ordered by his father to wed a childhood friend - Mila.

Source taken from Cinema Online

Image taken from Yahoo! Web
I rate this movie 3 stars our of 5.  Despite of the nice cinematography, there were certain time where the scenes were cut off and jumped into the next scene, you know like the documentary style tu.  I do like the actors and actresses here.  Aaron Aziz @ Hariz; as usual always sempoi but deep in his heart he actually cares about her girl.  Maya Karin @ Izzah; her character here is normal, naive and always fill with great emotions.  Lisa Surihani @ Mila Hermila is da best antagonist character.  I like her acting here and it's natural :) and Bront Palare @ Mail is ok ok saja plus his role is small in this movie.  Not to forget Azizah Mahzan who played Aaron's mom, still maintaining her good acting skills.  My favorite part in this movie is when Izzah accidentally let Hariz's watch fell into the river start panicky luckily Mail managed to find the watch.  Sayang betul dia tu jam hehehe

I recommend to watch this movie as soonish (jan nangis ah) and according to the writer of this book, some of the scenes are off from her story and the book is more thorough.  This is where the producer make profit mah kan but overall still good.  Next mission is to find the book and I know Popular will have it soon! 


  1. Same goes with u jg moi.. Am not a big fan of malay movie but, ada juga make some exceptions... Klu timing ngam, mau jg p tingu.. If not pun pinjam d dvd sj lor... ;)

  2. Ramai orang cakap ni wayang best. Sa belum tingu lagi tapi macam interested mau tingu pula :D Hehe..

  3. Tunggu dvd la.. Jara saya watch malay movie d panggung o.+

  4. The last time I tengok malay movie kat cinema was like 20 years ago. My review, Only AA is strong in this movie...yg lain, so-so. Nice storyline....the script,below average.....

    I dont like AA's mom. Dia X pandai berlakon..i think dia lagi sesuai berlakon watak mama ayam...

    Maya karin,not that good, tapi bolehlah....

    Lisa S....i find her annoying...acting dia below average..

  5. cath J......saya pun jara....burukbah script malay movies.......

  6. CathJ: Hehehe now astro movie is open for subscription for this movie :)
    Anonymous: Wow very thorough comments hehehe