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Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: The Cake Story - Orders and steamer pot

Ho ho ho peeps!

19 days till Christmas and how's the preparation?

As for me, mum already put up our medium-sized Christmas tree and just now bought more ornaments and lights to do heavy decor this year hehehe, owh will post pix soon!  And tonight will do Christmas tree decor at dearest house with the theme blue and silver!!!  Can't wait!

Ok, I have posted my new Christmas Cake Order flyer (designed by dearest) in my FB account last week.  And I received lotsa enquiries and will be sending my first order (2 cakes) this 12 December, nice a ronnie! Many more to come woohooo and to cater the orders now and in future, I need to invest in good a steamer pot which I hardly find in KK.  What's on sale now is only Steamer Stacked Pot either Cap Helang or Kucing.  According to the seller, Cap Helang is better and thick compared to Cap Kucing.  Price? Lebih kurang sama saja around KK except di Karamunsing.  Eyeing on the 38cm of steamer pot, baru puas hati! 
Waaah, if like dis pun ok juga! :)  Pix courtesy of locicompany.com
For those who didn't see the flyer, please feel free to check it out below:

Love it! Thanks deary!
The closing date for the cake delivery is on the 23rd December since everyone has booked this date.  At the moment fruit cake is the top choice - irresistible Christmas cake!!!

Gonna list down all the stuff I need to buy and gosh pressies again...hmm, tepa2 hehehe

Till then me chow chow and happy lunch ya!

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